Wheat Intolerance Symptoms

wheat intolerance symptoms These days we eat a lot of wheat in our daily meals. This includes pasta, pizza, bread and related items, and the fact that we rely on bread so heavily. Usually in breakfasts we have most of these items. especially when we have  cereals that are wheat based. For lunches we have a sandwich or a big meal which usually has some form of wheat.

Since these products are manufactured at large scale, the wheat that is used is not of very high quality. Instead it is most likely a highly processed kind of wheat which requires gluten to give it a nice fresh look.

It may seem deceptive because gluten is quite normal and fine to consume for most people, but it is quite dangerous when you have a wheat allergy. Celiac patients have the inability to digest the gluten.

Symptoms of Wheat Intolerance

When we think about how we eat and the amount of wheat that we actually consume, it can be a difficult task to avoid wheat entirely. Celiac patients although need to avoid wheat entirely, if you have symptoms like:

  • Bloated feeling
  • Excess wind
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

These symptoms are quite usually the result of wheat or gluten allergy. Wheat intolerance can be a major problem since you will find wheat in almost all the things you would normally buy. These also include sauces, gravy and other condiments that are used as additives or tastemakers for your meals.

Causes of a Wheat Allergy

The proteins that are included in the wheat could be one of the causes of the allergy. You may need a blood test or a microscopic test to see what kind of protein is bad for you, but to make things simpler, wheat is the culprit. Another cause that may be a major concern is yeast. Yeast is generally bad for many of us, however it has become a staple ingredient for many bread makers.  In the West, this is taken care of by launching products that are already wheat free or gluten free. This majorly simplifies the solution.

Remedy Is A Diet Change

The best and easiest remedy for people showing signs on wheat intolerance symptoms is actually a home remedy. The wheat free or gluten free diet basically where you refrain from these ingredients until you have gained back your immune system. It is best to purchase basic ingredients yourself and make wheat free products. This is something that will benefit your family and you at the same time since we will never be short of wheat. When you practice this new wheat free diet plan, you should notice an improvement of your condition.

It is always best to consult a physician or dermatologist, depending on your reactions. This way you will get a good idea of what is good for you and where to go for your recovery.

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