Is Rice Gluten Free?

Is rice gluten free? If you are suffering from gluten intolerance then now is the time to start researching which foods contain gluten – and which are gluten free.

Many people get instantly afraid when their doctor informs them that they are intolerant to gluten because they know that they will be asked to control their diet. However, it is important to remember that knowledge is the key to controlling your problem and will also help you find foods that will make following a gluten free diet more enjoyable.

You may be surprised to know that there are gluten free solutions for the majority of your most favorite dishes, you just have to know which products to buy and which ones to substitute. One common substitute for many wheat based products is rice and rice flour -  which begs the question, is rice gluten free?

The demand gluten free information is great, because more and more people are finding that they suffer from the condition, therefore research has helped us in gaining a safe gluten free diet. In fact, once you get used to what you can and cannot eat, it is likely that you will hardly face any inconvenience with a gluten free diet.

So Is Rice Gluten Free Or Not?

The big question is whether rice is gluten free.

The great news  for you is that both the write and brown varieties of rice are considered gluten free. Gluten is found in wheat and since rice is not wheat, you should not have any problems. The reasons that most gluten free websites and books recommend you eat brown rice is for the addition vitamins and the fact that it is a much less refined and healthier option.

What Is Rice A Good Substitute For?

Substituting foods becomes quite common for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Here are a few things that you can replace with rice:

  • Couscous (Use Brown Rice)
  • Flour (Use Rice Flour)
  • Pasta (Use Rice Pasta)

Think You Are Getting Symptoms From Eating Rice?

It is not uncommon that gluten intolerant people also experience similar symptoms from rice. There are a couple of possibilities here:

  1. You Have A Rice Intolerance
    People with one allergy/intolerance are usually more susceptible to additional ones. If you think you have an intolerance to rice than it would be best to consult your doctor and ask for him to perform the required tests to find out if this is correct.
  2. It Is Something You’re Eating With Your Rice
    Sometimes it can be the foods we eat with rice that contain gluten and we don not realise. A common ingredient like this would be soy sauce – which is not gluten free.

If you find that you are intolerant to rice than will need to find an alternate substitute, but to answer the question of, ‘Is rice gluten free?’ the answer is definitely ‘yes’.

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