Is Couscous Gluten Free?

gluten free couscous If you suffer from gluten intolerance than one of the biggest things you probably struggle with is finding new foods that you can eat. One of the most regularly asked questions in regards to a specific food is, ‘Is couscous gluten free?’

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Couscous is not gluten free because it is a wheat based meal.

The common misconception is that it is based on semolina, so it is ok. But semolina is just another form of wheat, meaning that in its original form it is definitely a food you want to avoid.

But What If You Love Couscous?

Before you get too disappointed there are a couple of options that you may wish to consider, that will allow you to still cook and eat couscous without triggering your gluten intolerance.

  1. Use Brown Rice
    People have been know to substitute brown rice into their couscous because it is healthier and tastier than white rice and has a more couscous-like texture.
  2. Purchase A Gluten Free Variety
    There are a growing number of gluten free varieties of couscous becoming available at supermarkets and health food stores. These are usually rice or corn based and can be a easy alternative that will allow you to eat couscous.

There are a lot of different switches that you can make to add new foods to your gluten free diet, but hopefully this will help you by adding a gluten free couscous to the menu.

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