Gluten Free Food List? What To Avoid

Have you been looking for a gluten free food list for your daily diet?

gluten free food list People who suffer from gluten intolerance can have a hard time deciding what to have for their meals. Constantly double checking food to make sure it is ok to eat can be quite a hassle, however it is important to be so careful because gluten content will not only have some short term symptoms, but it has been linked to long term problems. Your diet needs to be followed meticulously if you need if you suffer from gluten intolerance or Celiac disease.

Reason For Prevention

The reason why people can get so vulnerable to gluten is because there are parts in your body can easily get damaged by a single bit of gluten. Whenever food passes through your digestive tract, your intestines have the job of absorbing minerals. There are projections on the surface of intestines that are called Villi and they help get the absorption done. Unfortunately, gluten intolerant people may have the issue with their intestines because the Villi have eroded. If you continue to include gluten  in your diet, the condition of your intestines will be further aggravated. However if you ensure that your diet is gluten free, then you can concentrate on the improvement of your symptoms.

Gluten Free Food List

The gluten free food list is fairly simple and easy to understand. Once you get used to the basic list you will then be able to add more complex dishes that you may find in a buffet or any restaurant. A common list  of gluten free foods would include:

  • Fresh meats – beef, chicken or fish
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Rice cakes
  • Honey
  • Wine
  • Fruits
  • Rice
  • Rice flour

These are fairly common components of your everyday meal and once you know these, you will know what to include in your regular meals. In general, try to avoid all types of grains for now until you get to learn which grains are safe for you. With time you will be able to single out those dishes that need to be avoided. Remember, in the case of fresh meats, you have to be careful with sausages. Check their ingredients on the packing and you can be sure if you are buying the gluten free variety.

Last Precautions

Additionally what you can do is have a separate cutlery and crockery set for you. If you are heading for work, then try to have your own stuff for lunch. It is a difficult thing to discipline yourself to be gluten free but you can surely see the benefits when you take these precautions.

  • Have a separate plate
  • Carry a separate microwavable container if you microwave your meals
  • Your cutlery should be personal, and do not share them

The last thing you will need is some patience and you must never get tempted by bakery items on the way. Keep yourself well-nourished so that you don’t get hungry from the smell of food.

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