Gluten Free Cereals: Your Options

gluten free breakfast cereals Different meals can be a challenge for different people. If you suffer from gluten intolerance than you may have trouble finding dinner options that you like, or even gluten free cereals that you will actually eat.

There are so many celiac patients, plus a good portion of the general population that want to have food that is healthy for them – but are not sure of their options. Being on a gluten free diet is a good way of staying in shape and more importantly can help with the symptoms of gluten intolerance and you can follow the diet without compromising too much on taste.

What Foods To Avoid In Cereals

As with any diet there are always foods to avoid, and these are the ones that will work in a negative way and hinder the results that you are looking to achieve. So obviously with the gluten free diet you need to make sure that you are avoiding foods that contain gluten, such as:

  • Wheat, Barley, Rye
  • Some Processed Meats
  • Malt & Bran

These ingredients contain gluten and I am sure that you are already starting to notice that the majority of cereals include one or more of these ingredients. So what are you options?

What Are Gluten Free Cereals?

It is always a good idea to check the packaging of an cereal when you are in the supermarket. Most will include if they are gluten free and this is a great place to start.

Don’t automatically assume that since a cereal is rice or cord based, that it is gluten free. Some of the most popular varieties of cereal, such as Rice Bubbles and Corn Flakes both contain gluten – due to addition ingredients in the products. You can find some mainstream cereal manufacturers that make specialty breakfasts for those who are gluten intolerant, however you may need to look in the healthy food aisle for a few more gluten free cereals.

Alternate Breakfast Options

The range of gluten free cereals can be seen as quite restrictive, so a couple of other breakfast options that you may wish to consider are:

  • Fruit
    A popular option for a lot of people, eating fruit is a a way to get a natural start to the day. A couple of the best breakfast fruits are: Berries (full of antioxidants and vitamin C), Bananas (brain food), Pineapple (Rich in fiber), or mix them all together in a fruit salad.
  • Hot Breakfast
    A natural hot breakfast is a great way to start the day off gluten free and not even realise it. Eggs, bacon (just make sure it is gluten free) tomato, mushrooms, and maybe some spinach is a great gluten free breakfast. Obviously you cannot have toast unless you make your own gluten free bread with rice flour or other substitute.

So while your options when it comes to gluten free cereals may be limited, that doesn’t mean that your breakfast has to be. There are plenty of breakfast options available so have some fun trying to find some favourites.

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