Gluten Free Beer: The Drinking Experience

A row of bears Being a Celiac patient would be a big tragedy for any beer lover because it is made of barley – which is a food that contains gluten. What would a beer be without barley and wheat? Well there is gluten free beer which could be a good thing for celiac patients.

About Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a condition where you own body is attacking itself in a way. This is called an auto-immune function when your own antibodies are trying to lower the sugar or gluten levels in your blood. Eventually these antibodies start attacking your own tissue and can create a whole host of different symptoms. Fortunately there are many gluten free alternatives out there, but since they are processed until strict standards and do not include the regular beer ingredient, you may not experience the same taste.

Only homemade gluten free food seems to be the closest substitute for your favorite products. If beer is one of your favorite beverages then you can still enjoy gluten free beer.

Review of a Gluten Free Beer

Here is a randomly chosen brand of gluten free beer, and one of the reviewers noticed some difference in taste and the experience of drinking this beer.

“Firstly you will notice a strong smell of wheat, which is unusual because beer is also made from wheat. One you go ahead and have the first sip of the beer, you will sense a ‘thick’ flavor. This is not syrup thick but thicker than a regular beer. A beer lover would find it hard to be a fan of this kind of beer, because as you have further sips of this beverage, there is a sensation of missing something – maybe the main ingredient? . It may smell like wheat, but it doesn’t taste anything like it there because there isn’t any. Eventually you will feel you are drinking something that is almost tasteless which is not a big problem.”

A lot of people think that if you drink beer from the glass, you allow it to have some air and then it gives a better taste. So if you take this kind of beer, you will notice a dark yellow color unlike a lighter tone that common beer has. Everything else looks the same when you spill the beer in to a mug, you will still look like you are drinking beer. The head of the beer in the glass is noticeably low.

The head refers to the foamy look that comes above the liquid.


Most noticeable difference of having a gluten free beer is that there will be a ‘thick’ sensation. It does not taste terrible but it is definitely an acquired taste. The aftertaste is the same but you may taste something like iron after having it from the glass.

For those who like to check out other brands of beer might notice differences. If you have one of these from the United Kingdom, there might be a different taste because they have different standards of ‘gluten-free’ unlike Australian gluten-free. Nevertheless, if you would want to give it a rating for a substitute beer, you would probably rate 6 out of 10 based on the following points:

  • Thick flavor
  • Less head of the beer
  • Acquired taste of beer, it may require some more to get used to this kind of flavor
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