Eating Out With Gluten Intolerance: Some Simple Tips

eating out with gluten intolerance One of the biggest struggles for people suffering from gluten intolerance, is that they find it hard to eat out. There are so many things to consider and this can lead to staying home, when you have opportunities to go out. Such as:

  • Going To A Restaurant
  • Having Dinner At A Friends House

This can be hard not only on yourself but also your partner and family – and also your friends.

But suffering from celiac disease doesn’t have to be a home-based prison sentence, you definitely can eat out with gluten intolerance, you just have to take not of a few things that will make everything a whole lot easier.

Eating Out Tips For People With Gluten Intolerance

  • Make People Aware Of Your Intolerance

    Being gluten intolerant is nothing to be ashamed of, and you should never feel like you are putting a burden on your host or the restaurant that they are visiting, because you need to eat gluten free foods. People cannot help you unless they know what needs to be done.

    If you are visiting a friends house, then let them know and give them an overview of the foods you can and cannot eat and ask them to let you know what they will be cooking so that you can make sure it is gluten free. And if you are going to a restaurant then just letting the waiter/waitress know of your intolerance will allow them to point out what is available for you.

  • Choose From Gluten Free Options

    Whether you are visiting a buffet or a cafe, there is a good chance that there will be gluten free options. Always ask before sitting down what is available and choose from these foods. A lot of cafes are now putting little symbols beside meals on their menu that are gluten free and this can make your job a little easier.

When you are looking at eating out with gluten intolerance, then it all comes down to being proactive and making people aware. People can’t help if they don’t know.

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